Month: December 2013

Things to Consider over the Holidays

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ImageTechnology is everywhere and most likely this holiday season is full of people wondering what technological gadgets they will find for themselves under the Christmas Tree.  

However, what do you get for the tech person that seems to know and have everything?  Especially if that tech person is a hmmm… a woman?

Well here would be my top 5 picks:

1.  iPhone 5s 32G in pink.  Now I already have an iPhone so this is why I am suggesting this.  It is an older version so I would like to have an upgrade.  I would caution that understanding what device your woman is using is important because there are compatibility issues when changing devices when it comes to your SIM card, as well as apps that might be available between the Blackberry, Android and IOS devices.

2. Micheal Kors, LV, Gucci or Rhinestone studded case holder for tablets and phones.  I am a total girly, girl and love things that sparkle!  Now, not every woman is as over the top as myself, so getting a classy designer holding case that doesnt come across as too flashy can also be a great call. (What would be even cooler, would be to match the phone, tablet and laptop case).

3. Blue tooth or Sonos Sounds systems.  Yes, techy girls LOVE sound systems that sync up with their devices.  I myself already am on the Sonos system and learned of the Sonos 2 that I would just love to have in my bathroom!  Sonos also offers a surround sound system for your television as well.  I have to say that I listen to music all the time, so anything  that allows the sound to fill my condo makes me a happy woman.

4. iTunes gift cards.  I can’t say this enough.  I love music and hate having to pay for it.  I also made the mistake of signing up for the paid version of iCloud with Apple.  I didn’t renew the subscription and now it is holding my playlists and synced music hostage.  BAD, BAD idea.  It’s like having to pay for everything twice.  With that said, a gift card would give me back all the things that I already paid for.  Apple really does take advantage of its users sometimes.

5. I was going to say Apple TV, but I felt that this post was getting really Apple centric – and for those that know me, know that I am not the biggest Apple fan because of the way the take advantage of their customers.  So, I will parlay that into my suggestion of a Keyboard for their tablet.  I love keyboards – I am a firm supporter of feeling the keys on the tips of my fingers and totally hate touch screen typing.  I would use my tablet more if I had a real keyboard.

Cheers, and I hope that everyone has a wonderful holiday season