Month: September 2014

All about Storify….

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Storify.comSo… today I participated in a webinar about Protecting Your Brand: The State of Social Infrastructure in The Enterprise, hosted by which was to their credit was incredibly informative.

It looked at the state of social media and what organziations – specfically Thomson Reutors and The United Nations. Through the webinar I received a plethora of tweets and retweets and follows. and very interestingly I received this tweet:

@SocialMediaStef @RickA2Z @ShaLaLaLeigh You’ve been quoted in my #Storify story “State of Social Infrastructure”  from Rene Lisi.  It turned out that he was able to use many of the things tweeted throughout the webinar to create an online story.

So what is Storify?  I ended up needing to look it up because I thought the end product was super cool. So maybe some of you have heard of this, and if so I am admittantly late to the game. If not, than this post is for you.

1.   Storify allows you to  Collect media from across the web;

2.  Publish on Storify, embed anywhere; and

3.  Share and notify sources, go viral
The best part is that it is free to use!

As a communications person, we are all about the story!  As a digital person – I think I found my new favourite toy.  I think it also such a great way to gain and attract followers as well build your social/digital imprint. Happy Storyifying everyone!

Digital Strategy

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As you flow through my blog, you will see I mention a lot about strategy.  The more and more that I have grown in my career is the more and more I have invested in trying to see the bigger picture and how all of the pieces connect.  I have recently started taking the Digital Strategy certification program at the University of British Colombia – and  I have to say that the introductory course totally has my creative juices flowing.  I have not been able stop consuming the content and I’ve spent pretty much all day online clicking on links and reading some very interesting articles and blog posts.

There was an older blog post referenced for reading and it was a list that the author created in what he felt were qualities of  great digital strategist.  It’s entitled What Makes for a Great Digital Strategist? and his list includes 4 items that I totally agree with.

He looks for qualities such as being an inventor, an integrator, empathetic and unyeilding. These are definitely qualities that are integral to a digital strategist role. I would add to this list with 3 other qualities.

Big Picture Thinking
You have to be able to see the forest through the trees and understand in that tangled mess how you will get through to the other side.

Calculated Risk Taker
Inevitably you will at times need to take things and throw them against the wall to see if it sticks. It might not work, and you will have to take a few steps back to sort it out and try again.

Someone who is constantly in pursuit of knowledge. Gathering intel to make better decisions, learning from others mistakes to make better decisions and products. Using that knowledge and understanding how to action theoretical insights.