6 Canadians among final 100 up for one-way trip to Mars

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I just had to re-post this blog because as Canadian how could you not be fascinated by other Canadians who are brave enough to risk their lives for the rest of mankind?

Maybe this might the moment (or at least in the next 9 years) that all people on earth finally start to realize that we are one kind -race and religion have no baring on our future.  Our future will be based on human collaboration.

In order to survive the next ventures that are going to exist for our species, we are all going to have rise above the pettiness of fighting for land and ideologies. It will be this planet with or against other intergalactic species in the pursuit of exploration, technology, energy and co-habitation.

Taking warring ways beyond our stratosphere can have no positive contribution to our civilization and our ability to advance as a species.

Global News

WATCH: Two B.C. women are among 100 semi-finalists around the world for the “Mars One” mission to the red planet. Ted Chernecki reports.

A half-dozen Canadians remain in the running for a controversial plan by a Dutch-based organization to establish a colony on Mars by 2025.

Mars One, the non-profit organization spearheading the project, says the six Canadians include four people from Ontario and two from British Columbia.

READ MORE: N.S. man out of running to live on Mars

A seventh Canadian, a 29-year-old man from the Yukon, who was also selected, dropped out for personal reasons.

The organization says the four women and two men are among a group of about 100 from which they will select a final 24 people to man the missions.

One year ago, 75 Canadians were selected from more than 202,000 who applied in 2012.

Mars One says the mission will cost about $6 billion…

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