BlackBerry Ltd working with Google Inc to secure Android devices

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I loved blackberry. When it came out, I was so addicted. My first blackberry was a pink blackberry pearl. I didn’t know how I had ever lived without a phone like this before. It did everything I needed it too, and while I wasn’t overly pleased with having to add a data package for the first time, BBM changed my life. I couldn’t understand why anyone would ever text at all.

I was a staunch blackberry supporter and refused to support Apple products. I am Canadian, and I was going to support a Canadian over American company any day!
Being Canadian, we didn’t have a Silicon Valley so to speak, but Waterloo, Ontario became the place to be. Blackberry offered flexible working situations for its employees allowing work from homes most of the time and on the odd occasion coming into the office.

I applied for a community manager role, and went through 3 interviews. I was so thrilled, and with the career path I had chosen, it would have meant everything to me to work at Blackberry.

I was offered the role with Rogers Digital Media which I ended up taking after also being offered a position with Telus. I questioned my decision at the time, and wondered if walking away from Blackberry was the right decision for my career.

Little did I know, that shortly after that Blackberry would start unhinging. I held on to my blackberry at all costs. Eventually however, I couldn’t deny where things were shifting and I gave in to an iPhone and iPad.

I hope that this strategic move from Blackberry, can help a Canadian legend closer to the global tech giant they once were.

Financial Post

Waterloo-based Blackberry Ltd. has forged a partnership with Google Inc.’s new Android for Work service, enabling cross-platform business enterprise on BlackBerry devices, according to an announcement on Wednesday.

As BlackBerry’s market share continues to dwindle – 0.4% in the fourth quarter of 2014 – the company has shifted its approach to competitors, most notably Google’s Android operating system, allowing Android apps to run on the company’s BlackBerry 10 platform. With the latest version of BlackBerry’s operating system (10.3.1), many Android applications are now accessible directly through BB10’s Amazon Appstore app, although a number of them suffer from compatibility issues.

BlackBerry also created a partnership with Samsung late last year that brought the company’s popular BES 12 enterprise mobile device management software to Samsung Android devices.

“I am not afraid of competing when I know I am more nimble. I never think [that] going alone is the right strategy. But we have a value add that…

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