How Centennial College Inspires Innovation

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Winner’s of Centennial College’s 2015 Global Academy, Social Innovation Competition with the executive judging panel


On April 08, 2015 I was asked to part of the executive judging panel at Centennial College’s Global Academy, Social Innovation for Social Good competition.  First of all what a great honour, and secondly thank you to Yasmin Razack, the Director of Global Citizenship Education and Inclusion at Centennial for reaching out and asking me.

Student from various schools participated, presenting solutions to various global challenges.  Ideas ranged from solutions to human trafficking in Peru,  to partnering with a major Condom brand for sexual education and assistance to how schools could have composting activities that is then used to help tree growth in the city.

What does that have to do with me or digital?  The amount of digital initiatives put forward were astounding. Using our mobile phones for our entire self identity to reduce paper and plastic consumption for ID and financial cards, a sexual education app that connected people to resources and medical assistance, a website to challenge social networking bullying and provide education.

Digital was weaved through everything.  I thought I would have very little to say, but almost every presentation touched what I am most passionate about, and really inspired me about who’s hands we will be leaving our future in.

The winners were the ones who came up with a simple spin on technology.  Using kinetic energy from gym treadmills and spin classes to charge car batteries that would generate electricity.  A simple solution to a growing energy crisis.  They won $5,000 towards funding their initiative and are interested in starting this project in the College’s own gym.

Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to Centennial College and Yasmin Razack for including me in such a wonderful event.


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