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It must run in the family….

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390612_10150392575209262_989158474_nWell it takes one to know one right?    It seems that many people in my family (including my own father), has displayed some type of interest in digital in one way or another.  My dad was a computer programmer eventually heading up all things IT, in a time when there weren’t many IT department heads that were visible minorities in Canada.  He was hardcore – I mean programming Cobalt and Tandem and crazy ridiculous things I don’t even understand.  I just remember he would do some crazy things using a DOS screen.  Yeah, I’m talking old school.

This is actually a post to shout out to my cousin who is a native “New Yawker” ( those are his own words ).  His mom and my dad were siblings, and we pretty much spent our entire child hoods being driven back and forth across the US/Canada border to spend summers, long weekends and holidays together.  He is a proud new daddy of the most adorable little baby boy – and with the time off that I have at the moment …  I feel that a visit is in order, along with meeting my… second cousin?  Cousin – nephew?

He too, took an interest in technology – although he had originally set his sights on architecture.  (Much like myself… I had my sight set on a law degree and instead entered into communications, then more specifically digital communications).  He is a CIO and actually works very much in the same field as myself.  He has been a pretty awesome support to me during this difficult time of career transition.

If you have moment, you should take a stroll on over to check out his blog: A CIO’s Voice.  (I’ll be sure to put a permanent link on my blog roll in a bit ;)).  Happy readings!